A weight loss program that works with your lifestyle!

We offer a SAFE & EASY HCG WEIGHT LOSS PRORAM right here in Cedar Park, TX! OUR HCG IS MADE IN THE USA! WE COACH & MONITOR YOU THRU THE PROGRAM. I have personally done the program and it WORKS GREAT! I lost 51 lbs. in 40 days!

Don’t risk Internet HCG purchases from a faceless website when you can purchase from an established practice like ours –Cedar Park Tech Chiropractic.

We purchase our HCG Plus drops from a USA company that we absolutely know & trust the quality & consistency of their product.  The lab is FDA certified and certified Good Manufacturing Processes by FDA (CMGP’d)
I have actually used the product & our HCG diet protocol with tremendous success before ever offering it to patients. I am trained to use this very successful HCG Diet Plan Protocol and can safely monitor you during the 42 day HCG Weight Loss Program.  I don’t just sell you a product. I coach & monitor you in person & by phone to ensure your success with our HCG Plus Weight Loss Plan.
    We are able to offer the 42 day program - coaching/monitoring & HCG Plus drops for a very affordable price of $400.00 The only additional items you will need to purchase at local stores like Wall Mart, Walgreen’s & HEB are a digital weight scale (approximately $29.00), a food scale (approximately $7.00) Stevia sugar substitute (approximately $4.00 for 100 packets), and whenever possible we recommended purchasing organic protein, vegetables and fruit when grocery shopping.

    HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin  HCG is a natural hormone produced during pregnancy, which has been used since the 1950’s, for both men, & women who have a slow or faulty metabolism, to achieve rapid weight loss.  HCG has proven very effective for rapid size reduction in the hips, thighs, buttocks & stomach.
     HCG triggers the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat into the bloodstream to be used as “food” and it is believed to reset your metabolism.  This type of weight loss protects your body’s good fat & keeps muscle tissue from breaking down (which occurs in other low-calorie diets without the use of HCG.  If you were to intake only 500 calories per day without the aid of HCG the body would go into a starvation mode slowing down weight loss to in order to protect the body.)
     HCG a homeopathic medicine which is taken orally, under the tongue to be rapidly absorbed which allows a person to subsist more on their stored fats than on what they eat.   HCG triggers the body to provide a constant flow of food received from the fat that your body is breaking down and using.  HCG liquefies the fat content allowing it to be released into the bloodstream.  One pound of body fat stores upwards of 2,000 calories.  Once body fat is made fluid, nutrition can be released into the bloodstream reducing hunger and waste flushed from the system. Calories provided on an even consistent level improves metabolism.  HCG along with a 500-calorie daily intake has produced up to 20 - 35 lbs weight loss for women and 20 - 45 lbs weight loss for men.  The HCG we use is a homeopathic medicine which is safe for use when monitored by a trained, licensed healthcare provider. For more information fill out the contact form or give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

Why ChiroHCG ?

How would you feel if you knew you could make a difference in people’s lives but your appearance kept them from taking you seriously? Not very good I can tell you. See I firmly believe that most people would have a better quality of life with chiropractic care. But who’s going to listen to a message about health when the messenger doesn’t look healthy? No one. I’m like most of you. I work long hours and try to balance that with family time. It doesn’t leave much time for shedding unwanted pounds. I tried getting up early to hit the gym but my girls really like it when Dad walks them to school. I tried going to the gym during my lunch break but that left things around the office undone. A friend of mine sent me an email that introduced me to the ChiroHCG program. I went on line to do some homework. I walked away with more questions than answers. There was a camp that firmly stated HCG was bad and shouldn’t be used for weight loss. There was another camp full of wonderful stories of life change. I decided to trust my friend and pitch my tent in camp hope. I followed the plan to the letter and in 42 days I lost 51 pounds! I still have to do some work but I’m excited! I have patients asking me how I’ve lost the weight and now they are on the plan. If you are overweight and overwhelmed there is hope. We do a HCG workshop on Thursday nights (fill out the contact form, let us know you want to attend, and we’ll save you a spot) where we answer all your questions. Not all HCG is the same. There is a reason that the other camp exists. We are here to clear the air and help you start the journey to the you that you want to be.


Dear Patients and Friends,


It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce that our office has added the ChiroHCG Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program to our office.


HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  It is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and has been used for weight loss for over 60 years.  Additionally, it has been the basis for one of the largest obesity treatment centers in Europe for over 40 years.


Until recently, HCG was only available by prescription and you had to give yourself daily injections.  It was very expensive ($1,500-$3,000 per 40 day cycle) and obviously, not very convenient.  Those days are over!


The ChiroHCG Weight Loss Program uses a homeopathic version of this hormone.  It is taken sublingually (under the tongue) and when combined with a specific diet, is very effective for not only taking weight off fast, but actually keeping the weight off.  The typical patient will lose 20-35 pounds in 42 days!


The doctor supervised ChiroHCG Weight Loss Program is safe for nearly all people including diabetics, people with high blood pressure, and post hysterectomy women.


Needless to say, we are very excited about this breakthrough and would love to tell you more about it.  If you would like to experience rapid weight loss in a safe and effective manner, please contact the office to schedule your no charge, no obligation ChiroHCG consultation.  For more information on the ChiroHCG Weight Loss Program, please fill out the contact form on the website.

                                                                           We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I Lost 53 Pounds In 42 Days!

Wow, what can I say other than ChiroHCG is awesome!!!!!!  I lost 53 pounds in 42 days and have not felt this good in over 15 years.  The ChiroHCG Weight Loss Program is super easy to follow, which I needed since I am a manager of a local Cracker Barrel restaurant.  When I first heard about this program, my first thought was I’ll be starving.  That is not the case.  The drops worked exactly like the doctor said.  I know it may be hard to believe, but I have not been hungry at all and my energy level is through the roof!  If you’ve struggled with being overweight, let me give you some advice: “Start the ChiroHCG Weight Loss Program immediately”!  You’ll be glad you did.  Roland N.